2020 Valedictorian and Salutatorian: Where Are They Now?


Lexi Allums, Staff Writer

From a high school in a small town to two well-known universities, what are our 2020 valedictorian and salutatorian up to now?

Valedictorian Claire Underwood is now attending Texas A&M University. For Claire, the most difficult thing about college so far has been adjusting to the more rigorous coursework and a busier schedule. She says this semester is all about adjustments, so she has yet to join any new organizations or clubs. However, she plans to join some next semester. 

Her favorite course at the moment is Biology 111. Claire never had an affinity for science before she went to college and was surprised to find out how much she truly enjoys it. She misses her friends more than anything, and sadly hasn’t been able to visit much due to the pandemic. Claire lives in a house off-campus, so she can still do a lot of the things she did back home. However, there is a certain level of freedom that comes with being on your own that she did not have before. 

Claire’s advice to those about to join the college world is to be prepared to work harder than you’ve ever imagined! 

Ashtyn Hawk, last year’s salutatorian, is currently doing an online course at  TJC. When COVID hit, she made the decision to take courses online and stay home so she could save some money and have more time to prepare to move out and be on her own. 

For her, one of the toughest parts of college so far is learning how to manage her time and how to study. Ashtyn has not joined any clubs or organizations yet but says college is about learning new things and figuring out who you are, so she plans to get involved in things she didn’t do in high school later.  

One thing she really likes about TJC is that they go above and beyond to offer help. Ashtyn constantly receives text messages and emails checking up on her and asking how she is doing in her classes. It’s nice to know that they truly care about their students.  

Ashtyn says misses being with her friends every day and playing softball; having to go their separate ways was hard on all of them, and it never dawned on her how much she appreciated the game until it was gone. 

To this year’s seniors, Ashtyn would say to definitely weigh all of your options before you make a decision. ”There is nothing wrong with taking a year or two and staying home before deciding to move out!” Before starting school, she was dead-set on going to law school but is now considering getting a doctorate in psychology. 

Ashtyn would like to tell her HHS teachers, “Thank You!!! There were so many teachers over my four years at HHS that helped mold me into the person that I am becoming.”