What’s Really Happening in Disney Movies???


Madison David, Staff Writer

Growing up, we all loved watching the classic Disney movies. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937) to the company’s latest movie Soul (2020), children have indulged in these stories. However, these children do grow up and start wondering about what they used to watch. Here are some of the countless Disney Movie theories.

Peter Pan is a Murderer

In the original story of Peter Pan, the title character takes children away to Neverland, so they can be kids forever. However, Peter is not from our world and isn’t a regular kid. While he doesn’t age, the Lost Boys are from our world and do still age. In the text, it is stated that Peter “thins them out.” During that paragraph, they’re talking about how it’s against the rules for the Lost Boys to age, and they end up being killed before they get a chance to age. This theory also talks about how Captain Hook is actually the good guy in the story because he was a Lost Boy, himself, but escaped before Peter could kill him. His pirate crew is also believed to consist of Lost Boys who escaped. Apparently, that’s the real cause of his feud with Peter Pan.

As everyone knows, Peter Pan does not want to be an adult, but many don’t realize how much he actually hates them. In the original text, Pan is said to breathe as fast as he can because he heard that every time someone takes a breath, an adult dies.

Scar from The Lion King ate Mufasa

I will admit that this is a relatively new theory and incredibly bone chilling. It first started when someone asked what happened to Mufasa’s body. There are two options since he is a lion:  his body stayed there and decomposed or another animal ate him, but lions are a predatory species and are usually the alphas. In nature, the only animal that eats lions are other lions. Let’s think back to the movie, specifically when Scar tells Simba to run away from his home. Scar orders the hyenas to chase after Simba and kill him. That leaves Mufasa and Scar alone. Later in the movie, we see Scar lounging around Pride Rock and Zazu locked in a cage by him. Scar is making Zazu sing while he plays with random skulls around him. The specific skull he picks up is eerily close to the skull of a lion. There were no reported deaths of other lions, so whose skull is it?

The Evil Queen and Mother Gothel  are the Same Person

This theory runs deep and has some strong evidence. Both of these stories take place in Germany, but in drastically different time periods. Snow White takes place in the 1500s while Tangled takes place in 1780. Some noticeable similarities between these two characters are their wardrobe choices, weapons, and faces. When both of the women are young, they sport high-arched eyebrows and dark hair; when in old age, they sport a crooked nose, beady green eyes, and horrible posture. In the two movies, each woman is sporting an engraved dagger which they keep, in case they need to use against their adopted daughters. Their wardrobes are most peculiar. The dress style, bliaut (or bliaud), is worn by both women even though it’s out of date for both time periods and was commonly worn in the 1300s. 

What about the evil queen’s death scene?  Did she really die? Viewers never saw her body hit the ground, and everyone knows:  if you don’t see the body, don’t assume the person is really dead… 

Disney movies generally teach their viewers life lessons about being caring and kind to others. Anyone in any generation can say they have a favorite Disney movie, but it just so happens that your favorite may have much darker lessons within.