Roll Tide, Roll!  Harleton’s Own Unique Crimson Ginger 


Allison Woods, Staff Writer

If you’ve ever roamed the halls of Harleton High School, it is pretty hard to miss the explosive burst of crimson known as Senior Cameron LeJeune. Cameron has attended Harleton since the seventh grade and is very vocal about his feelings.  This fiery ginger is locked-and-loaded with opinions of his own and is not afraid to let you know how he feels. One of his most notorious passions, however, is his love for Alabama Crimson Tide football. 

Lejeune’s love for Alabama started at a very young age. He fell in love with the traditions and would wake up every Saturday morning to watch Alabama football. Ever since, it has been a passion of his. 

“I probably annoy a lot of people around here because of my love for Alabama,” LeJeune states. “There are a lot of Texas A&M fans around. But it said in the Bible that Jesus’s white robe was dipped in crimson blood, which means he’s an Alabama fan, so that’s the only validation I need!” 

LeJeune believes his fascination for Alabama is both an obsession and a passion. He will sit in his natural habitat (his room) for hours on end watching Alabama games over and over. He believes football is like a 2nd religion in Alabama and that most others do not understand the true passion of football. 

“If I could have lunch with anyone, it’d be Nick Saban,” LeJeune states. “First, I would probably pass out from breathing the same oxygen as the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time), but after I was awoken, I would probably just ask him how it feels to be the greatest coach to ever walk on the earth. I’d also ask about his journey to get where he is now.” 

Over the past winter break, Lejeune visited the campus. He loved how absolutely gorgeous it was and how everyone had a smile on their faces and were eager to introduce you to their campus. 

Lejeune plans on attending the University of Alabama to pursue a degree in News Media. He hopes to one day be in the broadcasting booth as a play-by-play commentator for college football or even the NFL. 

“I don’t know if I’m necessarily notorious for my love of football,” LeJeune says. “But many people I know hate Alabama because of how notoriously good they are in the sport of college football, so I guess that sorta does make me notorious!” 

If you’ve ever met Cameron Lejeune, you’d know that it is very hard to overlook him decked out in Alabama merch from head-to-toe. The splash of crimson among the green-and-gold is bound to leave one curious…  Why?  Many people have expressed their curiosity and wonder about his very unique sense of style. 

“Well, I wear crimson because it’s the color of winning,” Lejeune explains. “That’s all we know how to do at the University of Alabama. And if any of you fine folks have been missing some wins recently, it’s probably because Alabama took them all. ROLL TIDE!”