UIL Creates new Districts During Realignment

Harleton moves down to 2A


Amy Stafford

The 2018 Wildcat football team and cheerleaders line up and watch captains take the field.

Drew Stafford, Staff Writer

The University Interscholastic League (UIL) is an organization that regulates and organizes school districts based on size, location, and sports offered. Due to the UIL regulations, the Harleton school district has returned to 2a classification instead of 3a.


To classify schools into districts, UIL first gets a count of every student in grades 9-12. After the numbers are reported,  they begin to divide schools into either a 2a Division 1 or a 2a Division 2 school. The difference between the two is Division 1 is for larger schools in the districts and Division 2 is for smaller schools in the district.


In previous years, a map of the state of Texas was placed on a board and they used push pins to mark every 2a or other division schools. They would then use rubber bands to show how far apart the schools were. Now computer software generates school mileage.


Football districts are not necessarily the same as the basketball and baseball districts.  Football is split into big and small schools, but there is no split in all other sports.


According to the Harleton head football Coach Terry Ward, Union Hill is in Harleton baseball district, but not their football district.  


“Union Hill doesn’t have to win a single game to go to the playoffs because they are the only 1A school around,” Ward stated.


Schools like McLeod who do not have football are put in districts based on distance.


In the Harleton football district, Timpson and Tenaha moved up a classification while Garrison, Harleton, and Beckville moved down.


Ward expected Harleton to go in a different district with Union Grove, Big Sandy and Hawkins based on distance.


“It’s tough. There are definitely some good teams in there,” he continued, “if we’re healthy, and we have some confidence, we could win  games.”


Harleton will compete against Linden Kildare, Timpson, Beckville, Tenaha, Garrison, and Joaquin the next two years.