Starting Drama

“Oh my gosh! Did you hear about the HHS theatre department? They are so underrated!”


Anna Valls

The fall production cast begin stage rehearsals.

Anna Valls, Staff Writer

The Wildcat theatre club is in the midst of kicking off its 2018-2019 season. This year the department is being directed by Lesley Luymes, this will be her second year teaching at Harleton High.

Second-year theatre teacher Lesley Luymes is excited for the new play.

When asked what she was most excited for, Luymes explained the importance of getting a jump start on this year’s fall production.

Lesley stated, “We have done fairytales for the past two years, and I would be ecstatic to switch it up this time and do a mystery or drama!”

Intrigued, I proceeded to ask her how she believes this year is going to turn out, and what she expects out of her students.

“I expect my students to find their confidence while being on the stage. Since most of my upcoming  students this year are new and very shy.” She stated.

Luymes believes that this is going to be a tough year getting the kids out of their shells.

“We lost a strong group of seniors last year, but that doesn’t mean that my remaining and upcoming cast aren’t just as good. I see potential in all my students and strongly believe that we will have a great performance this year. It just leaves room for more strengths and improvements to come to the surface,” stated Mrs. Luymes as we were wrapping up the interview.

I decided I wanted an inside look at the theatre club so I asked my fellow peer, Cameron LeJeune, to answer a few select questions.

I asked him what he wants out of theatre this year. He said, “I want people that actually care about what they’re doing. I don’t want them to go up there because they have to, but because they genuinely love doing it!”

One of Cameron’s favorite parts of theatre is just being able to have the privilege to get up on stage.

“It’s not necessarily about being someone I’m not; it’s about tapping into another reality or world,” expalined LeJeune during the session.

“If put in charge, I would try to advertise more about One Act Play and fall production. I believe that they already do a great job but think there is more to be done.” Stated Cameron

I wanted a slight peek into Lejeune’s theatrical life so I asked him where he believes his strengths lie. Of course, he said just being on stage and acting.

“I really enjoy being in costume and getting caught up in the moment. Especially in a comedic play. I love making people laugh. I add a little bit of me and a little bit of my character in order to make the character,” replied Cameron.

Before I ended the interview, I asked him to make a statement that he believes perfectly sums up theatre.

“Theatre is, without a doubt, a happy and fun place to be!” stated LeJeune as the interview came to a close.

As you can see the HHS Drama Cats are striving to work very hard to accomplish an outstanding year. They invite anyone who pleases to come out and support them! See y’all backstage!