Harleton High School Marches into a new Year

The Roaring Band From Wildcat Land works for First Division


Matthew Wilson, Staff Writer

UPDATE:  The Wildcat Band received straight 1’s at contest and are advancing to the area competition.

The 2018-2019 Harleton marching band has been preparing spectators’ half-time entertainment since band camp in July.

According to Christi Speer, head band director, “It was very successful as far as conditioning, marching, and playing fundamentals. We’ve gotten a great start on playing music. And having access to Kilgore College’s turf football field was extremely beneficial, considering we won’t see a field like that until contest.”

The band is more than high school kids walking around on a football field. The Wildcat Band values dedication and hard-work above all else, and it shows in their performances.

“I expect every individual to strive for musical growth and to become smarter and stronger musicians,” says Mrs. Speer. You know there is always room for improvements.

Not every Friday night is the same, though it may seem that way.

“ I think there was vast improvement from last week. If we keep making that big of strides and improvements, we have a really big shot at making first division,” said Mrs. Speer.

As some of you may know, the eighth graders are in the high school band as well. Instead of simply playing music while reading it, now they are playing by memory while marching. It is really intense and grueling.

“I feel like they have really grown as individuals and stretched their musical abilities to play this level of music. They have learned a whole lot,” Mrs Speer says.

This year’s band is led by co drum majors senior Heather McGill and junior Lawson Green.  With a majority of the band consisting of 8th graders and freshmen McGill says there has been a learning curve, but “they are catching on.”

McGill is excited to end her final year in high school on a positive note.

“With hard work and dedication, I believe our band will do well at competition this year,” McGill stated.

In a few weeks, the HHS Marching Band will head to UIL Contest. Wish them luck if you see a band member or Mrs. Speer.