Wildcat Seniors Not Backing Down

Seniors Lead Team into the 2018 Season


Claire Underwood

Senior football players finish up one of their last practices as their final season begins.

Claire Underwood, Editor

As the Harleton Wildcats begin their 2018 football season, fans and players alike are ecstatic for a new year. With a recent return to classification 2A, the town hopes for dominating season within their district.

However, as hope for the program builds, the reign of the 2018 seniors is coming to an end. That doesn’t mean they’ll give up though; in fact, their motivation has seemed to grow exponentially. Faced with incredible odds, the 2018 seniors plan to surpass their goals and become victorious.

Garrett Handlin, the starting quarterback, said, “We are going to continue to work hard and follow the gameplans that have been set out for us. I trust our coaches and that they know what’s best for our team.”

When asked about his senior year, Handlin responded, “It’s different. I mean it’s always something I’ve looked forward to, but now that it’s here it’s going by really fast.”

Handlin isn’t the only one to feel this season flying by; teammate Austin Minor shared this thought. Minor, a professional bike racer turned football player, is clocking in his first year as a Harleton cornerback. Though faced with difficulty trying to form relationships, he adamantly expressed the importance of brotherhood within a team.

“We have become a lot closer as a team. These guys are like my brothers, and we have a lot of fun together. Chemistry is a super important aspect when playing football— if you don’t have it, you won’t win.”

When asked about the team’s greatest strength Minor said, “Besides the brotherhood we’ve formed, everyone has such a passion for the game. To me, that’s what will get us through the season no matter what: our want to win.”

Brandon Garrison, tight end for the Wildcats, agreed with Handlin and Minor. Except he was able to express his thoughts in five simple words:

“We’re gonna get them dubs.””

— Brandon Garrison