Choosing Your Costume This Spooktober

Where to go and what to choose

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Choosing Your Costume This Spooktober

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Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated each year on October 31 and will occur on Wednesday this year. It originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Now, it’s simply a night where kids dress up as scary monsters or their favorite movie characters to go trick-or-treating.
Often a person will grow out of Halloween’s traditions because they believe it’s childish. Most teenagers stop dressing up and trick-or-treating somewhere between the ages of 12 and 16. However,  there are still many teens that continue to dress up and celebrate the holiday.

What are the best places to get a costume? Well, there are many ways to go about picking your Halloween gear. The first and easiest way is to find a full costume at a store. You can either go to a speciality store like Spirit or Party City, which will be more expensive but have more selections, or you could go to a department store (Walmart, Target, Etc..). It’s all a matter of what you prefer.

Senior Heather Mcgill says, “I believe the Spirit stores and Halloween based stores are the best because they are geared towards the holiday. They also have really cool special effects makeup that makes costumes believable.”

Once you’ve decided where you’re going to purchase your Halloween attire from, now you can choose what you want to be and what kind of costume you want. Inflatable costumes are very easy to put on. Just slip it on, hit a button, and let it do the rest. They’re also very easy to put up when deflated. However, inflatables are not the easiest to move around in, and a full body one that goes over your face may be hard to see out of at night.









Then there’s the classic style costume: just a simple mask, some clothes to go with it, and maybe a little prop too.

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The least expensive way is to make your own costume using what you have at home. As Junior Sarah Click put it, “Yeah, I just go around the house and put stuff together it’s cheaper that way.” While this is much cheaper, it also takes a lot more work and creativity. If you don’t have everything you need you can always get some supplies from a friend. Of course, there are always Do It Yourself videos you can watch to help you make your costume.






No matter how you go about choosing your costume, whether you go trick-or-treating or just to a Halloween party, there is something out there for everyone. Go out there and get in the Halloween spirit!!